advertise when out in your car!

Cheap advertising trick !!!!!!!!

Go to vistaprint get some magnetic door cards made up slap em on the side of your (or the wifes) car and still advertise your franchise while out in the road car ! believe me it works I have done work for people who have said I saw your car

One Response to advertise when out in your car!

  1. Ged says:

    This is such an obvious thing to do anyway! If you guys do get quiet days (I am thinking more winter months) then instead of popping down to your local Asda store in the second car just use the Smart Alloy van instead! The number of enquiries generated as a result of the van being seen can be very surprising!

    Carl ( said that he often thought of parking his van near to the local football ground on a Saturday afternoon! (I also suggested a advertising board so that more people can see he means business).

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