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50 Creative Ways to Get More Facebook Likes for Your Small Business


If you have a Facebook Page for your small business, it doesn’t take long to realize that you need people to “like” your page before you can do much of anything.

Here are 50 ways to directly (and indirectly) get more folks to “like” your Facebook page:

1)    Create a vanity URL

Instead of using the default Facebook URL, you eventually need to have a vanity URL that clearly describes your small business. Once you have 25 page “likes”, you can create a custom URL.

2)    Upload a memorable Facebook Page cover

The banner area at the top of your Facebook page is valuable marketing space, so let the creative juices flow. Upload a picture that gives your prospects a visually stimulating look at your small business brand.

Your picture size can be 810px wide and any height that you would like. You can try-out Page Covers which will help you create a free cover for your page.

3)    Let your fans vote

There’s nothing better than allowing your fans the chance to vote. It’s a great way to create user engagement around a hot industry topic. You can use the Easy Vote application to create your polls.

4)    Integrate plugins into your page

There are thousands of plugins that can enhance the overall experience of your Facebook page. Take a look at some of the more popular plugins on the Facebook developer page.

5)    Invite your email subscribers

Ask your email list to “like” your Facebook page. Of course, if you offer some type of incentive, this will only increase the amount of likes you receive from your list.

6)    Include a Facebook “like” button in your ezine

If you send out a regular newsletter or ezine, you should always have a prominent Facebook “like” button embedded in a prominent location.

7)    Suggest your page to friends

You can use the “suggest to friends” feature of your page to send out a request to your personal Facebook friends to “like” your page. However, make sure that you are only suggesting your page to folks that you know so that you don’t come across as a spammer.

8)    Update your status at least once a day

If people are going to “like” you, then they need to see that you’re active within you page.  Make sure to update your status at least once a day (and even more if possible).

9)    Drive visitors to your page from your blog

Whenever you post to your blog, encourage your readers to become a Facebook Fan at the end of the post.

10)    Include a Facebook Share button on your blog

Your blog should allow your readers to easily share your content with their Facebook friends. A great share plugin for WordPress is Share This.

11)    Include a link in your email signature

Every time you send out an email, you should have a link to your Facebook page embedded in your signature.

12)    Invite fans to join via SMS

Your fans can join your fan page via text message. Once you secure your Facebook vanity URL users simply send a text message to 32665 (FBOOK) and include the words “fan yourusername” (minus the quotes).

13)    Create a landing page

When new visitors land on your Facebook page, it’s important that they don’t land on your wall. Instead, create a landing page that gives them a succinct overview of your small business and what they can expect if they “like” you.

Kickoff Labs  is a service that will help you create your very own Facebook landing page for free.

14)    Make a welcome video

When new visitors land on your page, there’s nothing like a welcome video to entice them to join. Your video should be 3-5 minutes long and describe the benefits of “liking” your page.

15)    Interact with your fans

There’s nothing worse than landing on a Facebook page in which the administrative doesn’t respond or interact with the fans. If you want more fans, then you need to interact with your fans in a variety of ways.

16)    Embed “how-to” videos on your site

Videos are hot, hot, hot right now. Record a few “how-to” videos and embed them on your site. Your fans will love it.

17)    Use pictures

Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words, so use pictures to tell stories about you and your small business.

18)    Upload audios or podcasts

If you produce podcasts or audios of any kind, don’t forget to add them to your Facebook page for additional reasons for fans to “like” you.

19)    Use Slideshare

Create a quick PowerPoint that educates your target market. Upload it to Slideshare and share it on Facebook.

20)    Run a contest

There’s nothing quite like a contest to get loads of new “likes” to your Facebook page. Using the free option from Shortstack, you can create a contest around any topic imaginable.

21)    Include a link to your Facebook page on your business card

There are now quite a few companies that print your Facebook URL right on your business card. Here are a few examples from Zazzle.

22)    Display a placard at your front desk

If you run a physical business, place a placard inviting your customers to join your Facebook page. You can even offer them a coupon or other incentive to join.

23)    Add a Facebook badge to your website or blog

Don’t forget to add a Facebook badge to your website or blog in a very prominent location.

24)    Link to your page as your place of employment

Add a static link to your page under employment.  Once you do this your Facebook Page will appear under your name on your Profile Page.

25)    Offer an incentive for people to “like” you

If you want more “likes”, then you need to give visitors a valuable incentive to become a fan. You could give-away an ebook, whitepaper, video or coupons.

26)    Install a Facebook “Like Box” on your site

Installing a “Like Box” allows visitors to become your fan without leaving your website or blog.

27)    Include a link to your page in forums

If you’re active in forums, make sure to include a link to your Facebook page.

28)    Connect your page to Twitter

Connecting your Facebook Page to Twitter is a simple way to convert your Twitter followers into Facebook fans.

29)    Hook up your RSS Feed

Using an app from Involver, you can syndicate your blog to the news tab on your Facebook page and utilize the power of blogs and updatable content to widen your reach and encourage people to join your conversation.

30)    Connect your YouTube channel

Deliver video directly to your social networks by incorporating your YouTube channel as a tab on your Facebook page.

31)    Use a Facebook link in your blog comments

Include a link to your Facebook Page when you comment on blogs.

32)    Utilize your next press release

Include a link to your Facebook Page in an upcoming press release.

33)    On-line or off-line articles

Whenever you publish and article, include a link to your Facebook page in your author’s bio box.

34)    Link to your Facebook page from your Linkedin profile

LinkedIn allows you three slots on your profile to include outside links. You should write the anchor text as a “call to action” such as: Join my Facebook Page for exciting Shoestring Marketing updates

35)    Track your growth with Facebook insights

Facebook insights helps you analyze what activities drive the most growth so that you can duplicate your most successful activities.

36)    Analyze your demographics with Facebook insights

Facebook insights allows you to analyze the demographic make-up of your Facebook fans. This important information will help you target your ideal market more closely.

37)    Make a Facebook window sign

Bluesky has created a fun window sign that you can use to entice folks to “like” your page.

38)    Ask your customers or clients to become fans

Don’t forget to ask your current customers and clients to “like” your Facebook page. They are often your biggest fans.

39)    Use status tagging

Use status tagging by entering the @ sign, then typing the name of the page or person you want to tag.

40)    Promote your events

Through EventBrite, you can let your Facebook fans know about upcoming live or virtual events.

41)    Use Hootsuite to manage your page

Sometimes a little organization goes a long way. Use the free application Hootsuite to manage your Facebook page from one location.

42)    Host a “fan of the month” promotion

To encourage active fans, you might consider running a “fan of the month” promotion that highlights your most active and involved fans.

43)    Remind your friends to “like” and “share” your content

Facebook has simple sharing buttons that make it easy-as-pie for people to promote your page to their network of friends. Remind your fans to click the “share” button so that their friends will also receive your updates.

44)    Publish testimonials

iEndorse allows you to use testimonials as a way to build trust with your visitors.

45)    Use “fan-only” coupons and promotions.

A great incentive for visitors to “like” your page is to offer “fan-only” coupons and promotions. You can grab a great coupon app at Klout.

46)    Include a FAQ page

This simple FAQ application allows your users to ask questions for you to answer

47)    Offer a quiz

Who doesn’t like to take a fun quiz? You can create a fun quiz for your fans through the Quiz Maker app.

48)    Create a contact form

Your visitors will feel more inclined to “like” your page, if they notice that there is a way to contact you and your small business. You can create a simple contact form through the Contact Me Contact Form.

49)    Deliver an amazing user experience

Your Facebook Page should be a place filled with content, information and education that will help your visitors solve their most pressing problems.

50)    Be a social participant

Although delivering useful content is important, it’s equally important for your fans to see you as a real person behind your small business. So go ahead and be a bit transparent allowing your connections to get to know you in a meaningful way.

So, if you’re looking for ways to increase your Facebook fan-count, this little list should keep you busy!



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