alloy wheel buckle and pothole damage repairs in York and Hull

Chris of Smart Alloy Yorkshire has seen a sharp increase in alloy wheel buckle and pothole damage through out Yorkshire in particular Leeds, York and Hull.

Many of his customers are complaining of the condition of the roads and in particular the fact that potholes are not being repaired for long periods; surely the increase of claims that the Yorkshire council has received must incentify them to address the poor state of the roads. If you do have pothole damage such as buckled or dented alloys or can feel a vibration coming from the alloy wheel you can contact Chris directly – 07733155319 – who can repair inner buckle damage at your home address and also guide you through the claim procedure.


3 Responses to alloy wheel buckle and pothole damage repairs in York and Hull

  1. kevin says:

    Kevin of Smart Alloy Northamptonshire. I have also seen a growing increase of alloy wheel buckle and pothole damage over the past 4 years in Northampton. Although Northamptonshire borough council have been trying to repair the potholes more and more are appearing around the Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering and Milton Keynes area. I have also found potholes to be the number one reason for cracked alloy wheels in Northampton. Many drivers do not realise when they feel a vibration through the steering wheel it is often an indication that they have a crack or a buckle in their alloy wheel rather than a tracking or alignment problem and that Smart Alloy Northamptonshire can repair your buckled or cracked alloys. If you think you may have a buckled, dented or cracked alloy you can me on 07526031619. Regards Kevin Smart Alloy Northamptonshire.

  2. Carl says:

    Carl of, Smart alloy wheel and buckle repairs Lancaster, Scuffed or buckled your alloy wheels during the recent cold snap? Call Carl on 07887 992282 for a quote to get your wheels back in shape and protected from the salt on the roads. :-)

  3. Tom says:

    Tom of Smart alloy, buckled alloy wheel repair Surrey, says I have noticed a large increase in bent and buckled alloy rims especially in Epsom, Twickenham and leatherhead. These repairs can be fixed within the hour at the customer’s home or business address. I think the local authorities who pay out compensation for buckled and dented alloy wheels should get on board and promote our alloy wheel repair service instead of paying out for new replacement alloys.

    For buckled and dented alloy wheel repair call Tom of, Smart Alloy buckled alloy wheel repair Surrey: 07748961267, or leave a comment or email Tom on: repairs@smartalloysurrey.

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