Northampton alloy wheel damage caused by potholes

Kevin of, Smart alloy wheel and buckle repairs Northampton, says that Northamptonshire County Council has paid out more than £30,000  in compensation to drivers whose cars were damaged by potholes in 2014 according to the councils figures that were released under the freedom of information act.

In total there have been 393 compensation claims by drivers in Northamptonshire as a result of damage to their cars in 2014.

Common claims caused by potholes include alloy wheel rim damage, buckled alloys and cracked alloy wheels.

The figures say that one in six drivers have experienced car damage as a result of poor road surfaces in the past 12 months, paying out on average £118 for the repair cost.

Kevin, who is based in Northampton, repairs buckled alloys caused by pothole damage, he also repairs dented alloy wheels and cracked alloy wheels in the, Kettering, Wellingborough and Milton Keynes areas. You can call Kevin on 07526031619 or contact him via his website: or email him:

Pothole damaged alloy

Pothole damaged alloy

One Response to Northampton alloy wheel damage caused by potholes

  1. Colm says:

    alloy repairs in Northampton – there seems to be an increase of mobile alloy repair vans in Northampton attempting to repair alloy wheels while the wheel remains on the car. This is particularly evident with smart repair vans that offer a range of smart repairs rather than specialising in one particular service. Although they may not have the proper equipment to remove the wheels and break the beading and then refurbish the alloys within the van they can still attempt the repairs while the alloy is on the vehicle. This does seem lubricious and extremely cavalier considering the overspray issues and the inability to get behind the the rim to repair and refurbish the alloy wheel correctly.

    I do recommend to anyone considering having there alloys wheels repaired by a mobile service that they confirm with the alloy repairer that they are fully equipped to remove the wheel, break the beading and repair the alloy wheel with proper extraction using heat curing methods within the van before agreeing to having the work done.

    Please contact Kevin of smart alloy repairs Northamptonshire regarding the alloy repair process – 07526031619.

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