polished and diamond cut alloy repair


diamond cut kerbed alloy

Some of our technicians do repair diamond cut and polished alloys:

Tom of, Smart Alloy diamond cut and polished alloy wheel repair Surrey. This is for the guys who are doing diamond cut/polished repairs. When repairing onto a wide spoke do you turn the work down or do you carry on and leave a polishing line up the spoke. I Have done completely round the outside of some rims but do not like the polishing line which is left, the customer is happy but I think it could look better but that is me. There is a few videos on you tube of a fella I have spoken to who has paint that matches the diamond cut finish but if you paint the polished area it seems to take a lot of masking. Type in smart repair of a diamond cut alloy and click on the British smart repair assoc and give me some feed back on what you think. What do you think about using an airbrush for this kind of blowing in using viacrom chrome paint. Tom of, smart alloy polished and diamond cut repair Surrey.

For your polished and diamond cut alloy repair queries in Surrey you can call Tom on: 07748961267, leave a comment or email Tom on: repairs@smartalloysurrey.co.uk

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