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Restored and fully reconditioned Mercedes Alloys

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Preparation is the key to refurbishing alloys

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Worn tyres put lives at risk

Motorists that fail to maintain and replace tyres risk their lives and those of others, TyreSafe has warned. This non-profit organisation has emphasised this point now as it recently received pictures of

Facebook – How to get more “Likes”

Hi guys, I just came across this article which I think has some useful tips which could be used: 50 Creative Ways to Get More Facebook Likes for Your Small Business By Jessica

Buckled Alloys

Buckled or Dented alloys. If you have a buckled or dented alloy on the inner rim of the alloy wheel, Smart Alloy can often repair this damage at your home or work

New Gallery

Hi guys new gallery on the blog, it would be great if you could up load some of your before and after photographs – give it a go! Sign in – go

advertise when out in your car!

Cheap advertising trick !!!!!!!! Go to vistaprint get some magnetic door cards made up slap em on the side of your (or the wifes) car and still advertise your franchise while out

repairs all finished

 van all better now!

van repair

Van looking better now!! just need sign writing  

new year damage

had a slight hit with a wall on jan 3rd when turning left out of a very narrow drive!!!!!!!!!!

YouTube Videos

Hi, guys, Kevin has recently added his own video that he did recently on Youtube for all to see. Shows he’s the true professional! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nDbF64TXag    

Facebook web pages

Great to see so many good Facebook web pages now from a lot of the guys, some of which can be seen here: Smart Alloy Northamptonshire Smart Alloy Gloucestershire Smart Alloy Liverpool