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Smart Alloy Services

Smart Alloy Mobile Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Service

The technician breaks the beading and peels back the tyre from the face of the alloy in order to get behind the rim. The technician then strips, grinds and sands the face of the alloy, the alloy is cleaned and prepped before it is etch primed (this prevents the paint peeling off).

The alloy is then primed to help prevent corrosion occurring. After primimg the alloy is colour matched and then wet sprayed in the van and then the paint is baked under IR lamps. The technician then applies a two pack lacquer with a hardener which he sprays and then bakes the lacquer under lamps in the van. It usually takes a technician 5 to 6 hours to refurbish 4 alloys.



Smart Alloy Mobile Buckle Repair Service

The wheel is taken off the vehicle and the tyre removed, the dent or buckle is heated and then using a hydraulic press the dent is gradually worked and shaped until it is true again.

Smart Alloy Buckle repair video coming soon

Smart Alloy Mobile Alloy Leak Repair Service

The wheel is taken off the car and the tyre removed, both the outer and inner rims are grinded and then polished until the rims are true, the tyre and alloy rims are then rebeaded and then the tyre is inflated and sealed.

Alloy Wheel Leak repair video coming soon

Some of our technicians also offer additional services:

Repair of Split Rims

Repair of polished and diamond cut alloys (Surrey, Lancaster, Essex, Northampton)

Alloy stripping and bead blasting (Lancaster, Northampton, Essex)

Locking wheel nut removal (Yorkshire and Essex)

Car window tinting (Lancaster)

Car body repairs (Eastbourne, Lancaster, Northampton and Newbury)

Bumper scuff repairs (Eastbourne, Lancaster, Northampton and Newbury)


Smart Alloy Ltd offering our customers a professional mobile alloy wheel refurbishment service

Our work is guaranteed for one year unless stated otherwise by the technician. Smart Alloy vans are fitted out specifically for the refurbishment of alloy wheels and all work undertaken by our technicians is carried out within our mobile units ensuring that no over-spray contaminates your vehicle.

Our vans are long wheel base, high top vehicles therefore it is important that they are able to park close to your vehicle so the technician can run an extension lead from the property. After the repair is completed it is important that car and the alloy wheels are not washed for 48 hours in order to allow the lacquer to dry fully.

We use only the best materials and our technicians are trained to a high standard ensuring that our clients receive a reliable service and quality professional repairs.

We appreciate your enquiries and custom, and in particular your feedback so we can maintain our high standards. Please feel free to email your views on our service to

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